Furniture Acquisition and Services

Effective: Moved to the Policy Library from UPM 12.9(3)
Updated/Revised: December 29, 2008
Contact: Assistant Vice President for Business Services


Compliance with this policy ensures that:

  • Furniture is purchased on existing university contracts
  • Efforts are made to prevent workplace injuries associated with ergonomically poor quality desks, chairs and work stations

Central Stores serves as a resource for university departments by receiving, delivering and installing university office furniture acquisitions. This minimizes furniture freight claims and provides valuable storage in a Central Stores warehouse, until the installation can be scheduled by Central Stores.

Policy statement

All university office furniture purchases must be coordinated with one of the following departments:

  • Central Stores
  • Procurement Services
  • Facilities Planning and Management

Central Stores serves as the installer for new furniture purchased on the university's furniture contracts. Departments must contact Central Stores to schedule furniture installations which may include:

  • Office space set-up
  • Assembly of new furniture
  • Furniture disassembly, relocation, and reassembly
  • Equipment relocation
  • Relocation of entire offices and departments (packing boxes are available)