Textbooks and Class Course Packets

Effective: Moved to Policy Library from University Policy Manual (UPM) 12.9(4)
Contact: University Book Store (UBS)


Students depend on the Iowa State University Book Store (UBS), which is located in the Memorial Union, as their main source of books, supplies, and information about classes. By working closely with faculty and designated departmental textbook coordinators, UBS strives to ensure all necessary course materials and supplies are ordered and in stock before classes begin.

Policy Statement

The Iowa State University Book Store is the official clearing house for course materials used in classroom instruction. Course material information is shared with other businesses upon their request.

All information pertaining to required textbooks, course packets (including custom published materials that require copyright clearance) and supplies that are required or recommended for student classes must be supplied to the University Book Store by designated departmental textbook coordinators, prior to each semester (see Resources below).

Copyright reprint permission requests will be placed by UBS with the correct publishers to ensure course packs are available before classes begin. Reproducing and selling intellectual property without the necessary advance permissions could make faculty and/or the university liable and subject to legal action.