Construction Projects - New Facilities and Major Renovations

Effective: Moved to Policy Library from UPM 2.2(1), UPM 12.3(2)
Contact: Facilities Planning and Management


The purpose of the policy is to ensure that the appropriate dean and the senior vice president and provost, or the appropriate vice president, and Capital Projects Advisory Committee (CPAC) are supportive of the proposed project before detailed planning with Facilities Planning and Management (FP&M) is begun or funding feasibility studies are initiated with the ISU Foundation.

Facilities planning and fundraising resources will not be committed until this authorization has been completed and the CPAC has reviewed the preliminary information. This authorization will assure the potential projects are based upon realistic assumptions and have some possibility of funding prior to committing significant planning resources.

Policy Statement

The CPAC provides oversight of significant capital projects. Part of that oversight is to approve requests to pursue planning for capital projects that are expected to exceed $250,000, involve fundraising to complete them, and/or are perceived to be unusual in terms of potential campus or public interest in them. In order to be sure that institutional priorities are met and the scope of the proposed projects are coordinated before information is presented outside the university, the Internal Capital Planning Process must be followed (see Resources below).

Development of significant capital projects may occur following concept approval by the CPAC. Preliminary approval helps to ensure the efficient use of planning and fundraising resources.