Human Subjects - Persons Required to Obtain IRB Training

Effective: Moved to the Policy Library from the Office for Responsible Research
Updated/Revised: December 07, 2009
Contact: Office for Responsible Research


This policy identifies the persons involved with research at Iowa State University who must receive human subjects training. Investigators must obtain training on research involving humans and on the applicable federal regulations to help ensure the ethical treatment of human participants.

Policy Statement

All investigators and key personnel involved in the conduct of research involving humans must participate in human subjects training. Investigators may include physicians, scientists, administrative staff, instructors, and students, and should be listed as key personnel on the Institutional Review Board (IRB) applications and forms.

Individuals who are required to obtain human subjects training under this policy include:

  • All members of the research team, including the principal investigator and key personnel, who have contact or interactions with research subjects or with their private, identifiable information
  • Faculty supervisors of student research projects
  • Members of the ISU IRB
  • Investigators who are not affiliated with ISU, who are engaged in an ISU research study, and whose IRB of record will be the ISU IRB as designated by a formal, written agreement

Individuals who are not required to obtain human subjects training include:

  • Technicians whose only role in the research is to perform standard clinical procedures (such as a blood draw) that are part of the research protocol
  • Dietary personnel whose only role is to prepare and deliver food
  • Investigators not affiliated with ISU, who are collaborating with ISU investigators on an ISU research study, and who will be under the review of their own IRB

Required training is available on the IRB website. Principal investigators have responsibility for ensuring that certifications of required investigator training have been received when submitting applications for approval and related forms. The Office for Responsible Research will verify completion of the required training before IRB approval will be released.