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This new policy, effective on February 1, 2016, explains the use of video cameras on ISU property for ADMINISTRATIVE purposes such as security and customer service. The related guidelines include further information, procedures for registering all existing and new video camera systems, and timing requirements. Thank you to all who offered your helpful comments and suggestions.


Minor changes to the Conflicts of Interest and Commitment (COIC) policy and corresponding Procedures, Applications, and Guidance (PAG) have been made to align with ISU practices. These changes do not affect the spirit of the policy, and should not impact its application, except to allow for a more efficient process to track employee COIC disclosures. These changes are effective January 1, 2016.


The revised Smoke-Free Campus policy which prohibits the use of electronic smoking devices on campus becomes effective on January 1, 2016. The policy team appreciates the comments submitted by the university community. All suggestions and comments, both pro and con, were discussed and considered during the policy amendment process.


The new Data Classification policy provides the university with a method to categorize the information collected, stored, and managed by the university community. Using the data classification method will improve the ability of the university community to properly manage access to university information in compliance with federal and state laws and regulations, and other university policy requirements.


This new policy establishes requirements and standards for recruitment and selection of P&S employees. The Recruitment and Selection - P&S policy provides parameters for search committee use, and clarifies roles and principles in the recruitment and selection process.

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A draft amendment to the Facilities and Grounds Use, Activities policy is available for viewing. The proposed amendment establishes requirements for obtaining permission before flying UAS on or over ISU property.(Note that the proposed amendment does not ban the use of UAS at ISU.) Based on comments received during the public comment period (now closed), the initial draft has been revised, and work continues on the policy wording and on development of guidance and procedures, with ongoing communication occurring between the policy team and UAS users. Adoption of the policy amendment is anticipated in early 2016.