About the Policy Library

University Policies

The Policy Library contains university policies only. University policies present non-discretionary expectations that describe accepted standards of conduct, criteria for granting privileges or benefits, or the means of conducting university-related activities. Generally, university policies will not change more frequently than annually.

Policies in the Policy Library are the current official statements of university policy of general applicability from across Iowa State University. Policies included in the Policy Library apply to a broad range of the university community, not just one department or unit. These university-level policies have been approved at the vice presidential level and, in some cases, by the university president and/or the Board of Regents, State of Iowa.

Linking to the Policy Library

Rather than restating policies in multiple locations, websites and other documents should provide links or references to the policies in the Policy Library to avoid redundant, inconsistent, or outdated policy statements. Statements of university policy published elsewhere are not official as they may not reflect recent changes.

Policy-Related Guidance

The Policy Library does not include guidance such as process, procedures, practice, and supplemental information. However, links are provided from policies to such guidance. Guidance may tend to be revised more frequently than policies, and is sometimes considered to be more discretionary than policies. Please contact the unit responsible for maintaining the policy if you have questions about policy-related guidance.

College and Unit Policies

Colleges, departments, and other university units may have additional policies specific to them and for which they are responsible for maintenance and communication. Unit policies must not conflict with university policies; however, they may be more restrictive. If you have a question regarding a unit's policy, contact the unit directly. Consult the ISU website index for information on units and unit contacts. Unit policies are adopted in accordance with unit procedures by a dean, director, or chair, as applicable.

New Policies & Revisions

If you are aware of the need for a new university policy or the revision of an existing university policy, contact the policy administrator.

Updates and Revisions

Policies that have been updated or revised subsequent to the initial "Effective" date are denoted by an "Updated/Revised" date.

Update: An update is a non-substantive edit. Examples include updating a position title or a department name, correction of a typographical error, and repair of broken resource links.

Revision: A revision may be of minor or major significance.

A minor revision has low significance. Examples include clarifying wording within a sentence or paragraph, or adding a paragraph to address an aspect not previously included.

A major revision significantly changes the policy. Examples include new requirements, new limitations, or expanded responsibilities.


Contacts & Roles

Policy Administrator

The Policy Administrator oversees all aspects of the Policy Library and will answer questions about the Policy Library. The Policy Administrator works closely with the Area Coordinators and General Counsel to ensure that adoption of new policies and policy revisions complies with applicable policies of the university and the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, as well as the Iowa Administrative Procedure Act (APA).

Area Coordinators

Policy Library "area coordinators" work with the policy administrator and policy originators to facilitate the development of new policies and policy revisions.

Policy Originator

The individuals involved in initiating and developing a new policy or policy revision.

General Counsel

The Office of General Counsel provides legal advice and services to Iowa State University.

President and Vice Presidents

University-level policies that fall under the direct authority of the Office of the President will be approved by the university president. Vice presidents provide policy review and approval for policies that fall under their areas of responsibility.

Board of Regents, State of Iowa

The Board of Regents, State of Iowa is a group of nine citizen volunteers appointed by Iowa's Governor and provides policymaking, coordination, and oversight of the university and affiliated units.


For information about reporting policy violations please refer to the following policies: