Welcome to the ISU Compliance and Ethics Hotline

ISU provides this hotline for employees, students, and constituents to report issues, in good faith, regarding compliance with laws, regulations, and policies.

The ISU Compliance and Ethics Hotline does not replace or supersede existing reporting methods. The university strongly encourages staff and other members of the ISU community to report concerns of misconduct directly through normal lines of communication.

This hotline allows anyone to report issues anonymously if they wish to do so. The issues reported will be reviewed by the appropriate officials to determine if further investigation and actions are warranted.

Printable Hotline Poster: ISU units are encouraged to print this poster and display it in their areas.

Another option: The Ombuds Office at ISU provides confidential assistance to faculty and staff who have work-related concerns.

Emergency Situation: If you are concerned for the immediate safety of yourself or others, please dial 911.

Non-Emergent situations requiring an immediate response please dial 515-294-4428 as reports received through this hotline are reviewed during normal business hours.

What is reportable?

The ISU Compliance and Ethics Hotline may be used to report the following types of issues, for example:

  • Free Expression/First Amendment violations
  • Misuse of funds, theft, embezzlement, fraud
  • Waste of resources, funds or property
  • Theft or misuse of information or technology resources (to report phishing, hacking, etc., email itsecurity@iastate.edu)
  • Falsification of contracts, reports or records
  • Research or scientific misconduct
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Public or environmental safety issues
  • Violations of federal or state law or regulations
  • Serious or recurring violations of ISU policies

Not reportable: This hotline should not be used to report issues such as human resources matters, issues concerning discrimination, harassment, or student conduct. These matters should be reported by contacting the offices listed below.

How can I report a possible violation?

Select one of the methods for reporting provided below and follow the directions provided. Please be specific in your report, including the names of the employees involved and their relationship to ISU, dates of occurrences, and law or policy in question.

What about protection from retaliation?

ISU’s policy on Non-Retaliation Against Persons Reporting Misconduct complies with federal and state laws, as well as Regents policy, to prohibit retaliation against persons reporting misconduct.

May I report anonymously?

Yes, you may choose to make your report anonymously. The system does NOT capture the IP address or phone number of the reporter, and ISU will make every attempt to maintain confidentiality within the confines of the law. We ask that if you choose to file anonymously you provide as much detailed information as possible for our review, as we will be unable to contact you to request further information.

What happens if I submit a report?

Once a report is submitted, it is promptly reviewed (normally within one business day) to determine what further steps should be taken. The scope of the review and which official(s) will be involved will depend on the facts and nature of the case. Hotline reports are handled with the utmost care and in a timely manner.

Emergency Situation: If you are concerned for the immediate safety of yourself or others, please dial 911.