3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing

Effective: June 21, 2021
Contact: University Counsel


This policy applies to all additive manufacturing technologies and equipment, including but not limited to 3D printers, (hereafter “additive manufacturing equipment”) owned, leased, or operated by Iowa State University (the “university”) or that are otherwise located on the university’s premises, and to all persons who may use such additive manufacturing equipment, including university faculty, staff, students and other third parties as applicable. 


Use of additive manufacturing equipment is limited to any lawful purpose as permitted by the university. Additive manufacturing equipment on university property may not be used to create materials that: 

  • Are in violation of state or federal law, university policies, or the terms of any applicable contracts or licenses with third parties. 
  • Are unsafe, harmful, dangerous, or pose an immediate threat to the health or safety of others. This includes weapons and weapons components except as may otherwise be authorized in the course of university-related activities. 
  • Infringe upon another’s intellectual property rights or publicity rights.
  • Will be used for commercial purposes or for personal financial gain. 

The university reserves the right to request the user’s written documentation of university approval or authorization of use. Access to university equipment may be prioritized based on factors such as academic and research priority, deadlines, and other factors as they arise.