Animal Subjects – Use in Research and Teaching

Effective: Moved to Policy Library from UPM 9.15(1)
Updated/Revised: 2008
Contact: Office of Research Ethics (ORE)


The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is mandated by the Health Research Extension Act (HREA) of 1985 and the Animal Welfare Act.

Policy Statement

Before any animals are used, the IACUC must evaluate for compliance with federal law and university policy all activities conducted by faculty, staff, or students involving the use of vertebrate animals. The review process is intended to ensure that animals will be housed in an approved animal facility, appropriate plans are made to relieve pain, the method of euthanasia is acceptable, personnel involved in the care and/or use of the animals have training, veterinary care will be provided and non-animal alternatives have been considered.

The IACUC must be informed if experimental procedures or personnel involved in a previously approved protocol are changed. IACUC approval must be renewed annually for ongoing projects.

Use of vertebrate animals for teaching must be approved by the IACUC prior to the use of live animals in a course. IACUC approval must be renewed annually. Instructors must be familiar with the "Guidelines for the Use of Vertebrate Animals in Teaching."