Code of Business and Fiduciary Conduct

Effective: August 26, 2005
Updated/Revised: April 12, 2017
Reviewed and Updated: May 7, 2018
Contact: Office of the President

Policy Statement

As stated by the president of Iowa State University (see President's Letter in the Resources below), Iowa State University is committed to adhering to the highest principles of ethical behavior. All employees must abide by the Code of Business and Fiduciary Conduct (RPM §2.2.2) adopted by the Board of Regents, State of Iowa. This Code sets forth the fundamental expectations of employees when carrying out their duties, including conducting responsibilities with fairness, integrity and respect, promoting and protecting the institution’s best interests, and complying with applicable laws and policies.

In addition, Iowa State University has adopted policies that support the expectations set forth in the Code of Business and Fiduciary Conduct. The supporting policies (see links below) address conflicts of interest, undue influence, discriminatory bias, and proper use of university funds, resources and information.

The Code of Business and Fiduciary Conduct makes each member of the university community responsible for bringing suspected violations of applicable law, university policies and government contracts to the attention of appropriate offices. University policy provides guidance on which office is appropriate for receiving reports of suspected violations.

The Senior Vice President for Operations and Finance is responsible for developing a program to promote a culture of compliance. This program is described in the Business Ethics Awareness and Compliance Program document.

Supporting Policies

Conflicts of interest

Undue influence

Discriminatory bias

Use of funds

Use of assets and resources

Use of information

Fairness and Integrity in the Conduct of Business

Reporting Suspected Violations