Child Labor

Effective: Moved to Policy Library from UPM 3.1(10)
Contact: University Human Resources (UHR)


Iowa State University complies with Iowa and federal child labor laws. Youth under the age of 16 in Iowa are required to have a work permit before starting work and are prohibited from some forms of work. The Iowa Workforce Center provides clarification of Iowa Child Labor laws.

Policy Statement

No child under 14 years of age shall be employed with or without compensation.

Individuals 14 years of age but under 16 years of age will be allowed to work during the hours and in the occupations permitted in the Iowa Code, Chapter 92, Child Labor. The employee must submit a "work permit" (Child Labor Form) as issued by the superintendent of schools or the Workforce Development Center.

Individuals 16 and 17 years of age must submit either a "certification of age" as issued by the superintendent of schools or a certified copy of their birth certificate. These records will be submitted to University Human Resources before beginning employment.

It is the policy of the university to conform to the above regulation in the employment of farm labor even though agriculture is exempt. It is further the policy of the university to require proof of age before employing any person under the age of 18.