Facilities Use, After-Hours

Effective: Moved to Policy Library from UPM 2.1(6)
Updated: March 20, 2019
Contact: Facilities Planning and Management - Room Scheduling


This policy provides for concentrated scheduling of university facilities into fewer buildings on evenings, weekends, and holidays to conserve energy and save money. In keeping with its conservation efforts, Iowa State University adheres to energy conscious space management and utilization, which is carried out in cooperation with Facilities Planning and Management.

Policy Statement

With few exceptions, evening, weekend, and holiday use of space for course and extra-curricular activity is reserved for buildings that have been designated as indoor activity centers. Priority in the scheduling of these centers is given to activities relating to course and academic programs. All other activities in activity centers are scheduled on a space-available basis.

An approved organization, unwilling to accept facilities in available activity centers, may submit a written request to the senior vice president for operations and finance. The request must identify

  • The club, program or organization requesting the space
  • The nature of the function to be scheduled
  • The approximate number of participants
  • The time and date of the proposed function
  • What, if any, special environmental conditions are needed

Such requests are to be submitted to the office of the senior vice president for operations and finance at least two weeks in advance of the event's anticipated date of occurrence, and must include the name and telephone number of the person making the request.

A rental fee to cover additional operating costs will be charged to the organization if the senior vice president approves the request.