Bingo, Carnivals, and Games

Effective: Moved to Policy Library from UPM 2.3(3)
Reviewed and Updated: June 2016
Contact: Campus Organizations Accounting Office


This policy complies with Chapter 99B and Chapter 725 of the Iowa Code.

Policy Statement

In accordance with Chapter 99B and Chapter 725 of the Iowa Code, organized groups recognized through the university may conduct licensed bingo, raffles, carnivals, games of skill, and games of chance.

The campus is under a single gambling license that covers any of the named activities except one where the proceeds are not being retained on campus. An example would be a campus chapter of a national organization holding a raffle where the proceeds would be sent to the national headquarters. In that case, the organization would need to obtain a separate gambling license. This, and other information regarding the program, can be obtained at the Campus Organizations Accounting Office.

The total gross proceeds of the event are subject to the current sales tax rate for Ames, Iowa. The Campus Organizations Accounting Office will compute the tax and deduct it from the account where the proceeds were deposited.

Procedural regulations and decisions governing bingo, raffles, etc. including the number of such events to be held at any one time will be determined by the Campus Organizations Accounting Office. Activities may be further regulated by--