Catastrophic Illness or Injury

Effective: Moved to Policy Library from UPM 3.5(3)
Updated/Revised: July 1, 2017
Contact: University Human Resources (UHR) Benefits Office


A draft revision of this policy is in process.

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The guidelines provide esssential details for application of the policy.


This policy provides eligibility requirements for donating leave and for receiving leave donations as a result of a catastrophic illness or injury.

Policy Statement

Eligible Recipients

Eligible recipients include all faculty and staff who--

  • Accrue vacation, and
  • Are eligible for long-term disability coverage, and
  • Have exhausted all paid leave, and
  • Are not supplementing workers' compensation to the extent that it exceeds more than 100 percent of the employee's pay for his or her regularly scheduled work hours on a pay period-by-pay period basis, and
  • Are not receiving long-term disability (LTD), and
  • Meet the definition of catastrophic illness or injury


Eligible donors include all faculty and staff who accrue vacation time. B-base faculty do not accrue vacation and thus are not eligible to contribute. C-, D-, and M-base employees are not eligible as donors or recipients.

Definition of Catastrophic Illness or Injury

A catastrophic illness or injury is one that results in a medical condition that a physician has certified is likely to result in a loss of 30 or more work days.


Donations of accrued leave time may be made from accrued vacation and converted sick leave. Donations must be made in increments of one hour or more. Donations are acceptable only up to the 90 working day waiting period (eligibility for long term disability benefits) less the recipient's accrued leave time. The receipt of donations will close when the maximum number of hours is reached. Excess donations received before the closure will be pro-rated and the excess returned. Donations received after closure will be returned.

Merit employees donating vacation to other Merit employees will donate on an hour for hour basis. Supervisory and confidential Merit staff (S&C), professional and scientific staff (P&S), and faculty donations to each other or to Merit employees will be on a dollar for dollar basis. Merit employees donating vacation to S&C, P&S, or faculty will donate on a dollar for dollar basis.

Once leave time has been donated, it cannot be refunded to the donor if the recipient dies, terminates employment with ISU or returns to work. Once donation forms are received by the department of University Human Resources, they are irrevocable.

Donations will be deducted from the current vacation or converted sick leave balance as of the date of the employee's signature.

As a rule, the name of the donor and the amount of leave donated will be provided to the recipient's department and made available to the recipient upon request. Donors may request in writing that donations be made on an anonymous basis.