Military Leave

Effective: Moved to Policy Library from UPM 3.5(7)
Updated/Revised: August 22, 2022
Contact: Employee/Labor Relations Office


All continuous and probationary employees who are members of the National Guard, organized reserves or any component part of the military, naval, or air forces or nurse corps of this state or nation, or who are or may be otherwise inducted into the military services of this state or of the United States, shall, when ordered by proper authority to active state or federal service, be entitled to a leave of absence from employment for the period of such active state or federal service, without loss of status or efficiency rating, and without loss of pay from the university during the first thirty (30) days of such leave of absence in a year.

Policy Statement

Any additional time in excess of thirty (30) days is considered "leave without pay" basis. Thirty (30) days leave is defined as thirty (30) calendar days. Year is defined as a calendar year. To maintain pay status beyond 30-calendar days, employees may elect to use accrued vacation time upon their request.

When an employee is ordered by a proper authority to active state or federal service for a period of time less than thirty (30) calendar days, the actual work days missed will be counted toward the first thirty (30) days of such leave of absence without loss of pay.

Graduate assistants and B-base personnel should schedule annual military leave during the summer months when they are not on university duty. Graduate assistants and B-base employees may be granted up to thirty (30) days of leave with pay upon written verification by the commanding officer that alternate service during the summer is not available.

Federal Law: Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 (USERRA 38 U.S.C. 4301-4335). Health and pension plan coverage for service members is provided for by USERRA. Individuals performing military duty of more than 30 days may elect to continue employer sponsored health care for up to 24 months; however, they may be required to pay up to 102 percent of the full premium. For military service of less than 31 days, health care coverage is provided as if the service member had remained employed. USERRA clarifies pension plan coverage by making explicit that all pension plans are protected.

Student Absences - Military Service
For information and procedure regarding student absences from class due to Veteran or military service obligations, please see the ISU Student Catalog, Class Attendance, Military Service at