Appointment Duration - P&S

Effective: Moved to Policy Library from UPM 4.3(2)
Reviewed and Updated: March 1, 2018

Contact: University Human Resources (UHR) Recruitment & Selection


The duration of each Professional and Scientific (P&S) appointment is determined by the employing unit based on departmental needs and funding for the position. The duration of the appointment is specified on a Letter of Intent as one of the conditions of employment for the P&S employee.

Policy Statement

P&S appointments are to be made on a continuous, term, emergency term or temporary basis.

Continuous Appointment

A continuous position is expected to exist for an indefinite period and the university is committed to employing the person in that position on a continuous basis, subject to conditions of performance and stated dismissal rules or layoff.

Term Appointment

A term position is expected to exist for a specified period of time. Persons appointed to P&S term may be reappointed without a search if the same conditions apply as when the position was first advertised.

Emergency Term Appointment

An emergency term position is a short term, non-competitive emergency appointment of a qualified person to fill an urgent need. The appointment cannot exceed nine months and may not be renewed without a search.

Temporary Appointment

A temporary position is intermittent or very short term (typically 60 days or less) and is paid on an hourly basis.