Summary Dismissal - P&S

Effective: Policy moved to Policy Library from P&S Handbook 3.10, 3.16
Updated/Revised: December 1, 2013
Contact: University Human Resources (UHR)


The P&S Summary Dismissal policy allows a supervisor to engage and implement involuntary termination proceedings when appropriate, while also assuring due process for the employee.

Policy Statement

Summary dismissal is appropriate and the process for the dismissal may begin immediately, if, due to the serious nature of, and/or the professional consequences stemming from, unacceptable behavior or conduct (on or off the job) as determined through administrative review, the employee is unable to meet the working conditions of his/her employment. Termination of employment by summary dismissal is a serious action that will result following an investigation and impartial review that establishes grounds for dismissal.

An employee facing summary dismissal shall have the right to appeal the decision asserting that the decision was not supported by substantial evidence, that the sanction was arbitrary or capricious, or that a violation of the Summary Dismissal Policy or procedures occurred. If the employee believes the dismissal decision was due to discrimination, the employee may utilize the complaint procedures as defined in the Discrimination and Harassment policy.