P&S Positions At-Will and Exempt from P&S Policies

Effective: Moved to Policy Library from P&S Handbook 3.1.3
Updated/Revised: July 14, 2023
Contact: University Human Resources (UHR)


This policy explains the conditions under which employees within the professional and scientific (P&S) classification are exempt from P&S policies.

Policy Statement

All employees holding positions with professional and scientific classification titles are covered by P&S policies except those whose administrative policy-making or other responsibilities make it inappropriate for them to be granted regular appointments under the professional and scientific policies.

The determination of a P&S position to be at-will is the responsibility of the applicable senior vice president or the president and is based on the factors supporting exempt designation. The decision to designate a position as at-will shall be made in consultation with the vice president for university human resources. In addition to these specific exemptions, revised or new positions of comparable responsibility will be exempt from certain policies and procedures. Vacancy announcements and letters of intent will reflect that the position is at-will. Positions may be designated as at-will upon reclassification or non-competitive promotion.

Although the university's policy is to provide fair and equitable treatment to all employees, individuals in major administrative positions serve at the pleasure of the administration and may have the conditions of their employment modified or terminated for reasons other than cause. Although persons in these positions do not have access to the established grievance procedures that are available to other professional and scientific employees, they are afforded an opportunity for appropriate administrative review of personnel actions affecting them. After appropriate administrative review, pursuant to board policy, an appeal to the Board of Regents may be initiated by an exempt employee.