Salary Increases on Reclassification - P&S

Effective: Moved to Policy Library from UPM 4.5(4)
Updated/Revised: April 1, 2017
Contact: University Human Resources (UHR) Classification and Compensation Office


This policy applies to Professional and Scientific (P&S) employees and to Merit system employees who are moving into the P&S classification system.

Policy Statement

Reclassification to a higher pay grade is ordinarily accompanied by a required salary increase of at least five percent, unless the individual's current salary is such that an increase would result in a salary that would be inequitable in relation to the salaries of other university employees in the same classification. Salary adjustments above five percent that would result in a salary above the first third of the new pay grade require prior approval of the appropriate senior vice president.

Salary increases for Merit staff moving into the P&S system through appointment or reclassification are subject to the policy governing "Starting Rate of Pay for Professional and Scientific Staff."  Salaries should fall within the first third of the assigned pay grade; salary offers above the first third must receive prior approval of the appropriate senior vice president. A Merit staff member who is reclassified into a P&S position

  • may receive a salary increase within limits set by this policy, but an increase is not required
  • must complete a Letter of Intent through his/her department.