Starting Rate of Pay - P&S

Effective: Moved to Policy Library from UPM 4.4(3)
Updated/Revised: July 1, 2020
Contact: University Human Resources Classification and Compensation Office (UHRCC)


This policy applies to ISU employees within the Professional and Scientific (P&S) classification system.

Policy Statement

A salary offer for a new P&S appointment should ordinarily include a salary within the first third of the pay grade associated with a classification. Variations in a salary offer should be made based on a combination of the candidate’s qualifications and/or experience.

Offers involving a salary offer above the first third of a classification’s pay grade requires approval by University Human Resources Classification and Compensation (UHRCC). Requests will be reviewed based on the qualifications and/or experience of the selected candidate. Additionally, the requested salary offer will be evaluated in relation to the salaries of P&S employees in comparable classifications within the university.

If the employing department disagrees with the recommendation of UHRCC, an appeal may be made to the appropriate senior vice president.