Employee Records

Effective: Moved to Policy Library from UPM 3.1(14)
Contact: UHR Records Management


University human resources and the office of the senior vice president and provost (SVPP) are responsible for the establishment and maintenance of the official personnel records regarding the employee's employment relationship with the university.

Policy Statement

Certain information concerning employees will be treated as public information. This information includes work address, work phone, work fax and ISU email address; personal mailing address and phone (unless there is a request not to publish), dates of employment, positions held, and pay.

Employee social security numbers are protected. Information related to ethnicity, gender, disability, veterans status and birth date are collected to meet federal requirements for collecting and reporting statistical data and will not be released to employing departments or the public, except as allowed by law.

Medical information and information collected for purpose of administering benefits programs or addressing employee health concerns is confidential and will not be released except for purposes of administering the benefits program or addressing the employee concern. Medical information will be maintained separately from other personnel information.

The official personnel files for P&S, K-base, and Merit employees are maintained in the department of university human resources. The official personnel files for faculty are maintained in the SVPP Office. An employee may have access to his or her official personnel and medical files as long as it is done at an appropriate time, place, and manner. All information is presumed to be confidential to anyone but the employee except when information is needed for official university purposes, when the employee gives written authorization, or when information is public information under law or covered by a valid court order.