Effective: Moved to Policy Library from UPM 12.2(3)
Contact: Facilities Planning and Management


This purpose of this policy is to comply with the Iowa Code in an effort to reduce solid waste generated on campus (Waste Volume Reduction and Recycling, Iowa Code Section 455D, 1988).

The university contracts with the City of Ames for the operation of the Ames Resource Recovery Plant which receives garbage, recovers reusable metals and other materials. The burnable portion of the garbage becomes refuse derived fuel burned in the power plant to generate electricity which reduces emission and decreases coal consumption. Further information regarding Iowa State University's recycling programs available from the resources noted below.

Policy Statement

In an effort to comply with Iowa Code Section 455D, Waste Volume Reduction and Recycling, various recycling options are available on campus. These efforts include glass, white paper, newspaper, cardboard and annual phone book collection. In addition, confidential document destruction services are available.