Sponsored Programs Authority

Effective: Moved to Policy Library from UPM 9.1
Updated/Revised: March 31, 2009
Contact: Office of Sponsored Programs Administration


The Office of Sponsored Programs Administration (OSPA) provides assistance with funding information, the review and institutional approval of all proposals to external sponsors, award negotiation and official university acceptance of all sponsored awards, administrative oversight for all active projects, and training seminars.

Sponsored Programs Accounting (SPA) provides account number assignments, fiscal management and reporting, post award final processing, and audit functions for sponsored projects.

Both OSPA and SPA provide consultation on post-award issues such as applicable regulations, equipment purchases, subcontract payments, the need for extensions and rebudgeting, indirect costs, indirect incentive accounts, and cost share requirements. Any post-award actions that require university or sponsor approval must be routed through OSPA.

Policy Statement

Authority of OSPA

The Office of Sponsored Programs Administration (OSPA) is the university's authoritative agent and liaison with external funding agencies regarding all sponsored programs. Signatory authority has been delegated by the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, to the director of OSPA for negotiating and executing grants and contracts in support of research, education, extension activities and other sponsored projects. Therefore, ISU faculty and staff shall submit all proposals through OSPA prior to submittal to an external agency or sponsor.

Authority of SPA

Sponsored Programs Accounting (SPA) is responsible for the post-award financial accounting and reporting of contracts and grants. SPA responsibilities also include generating monthly sponsored program financial reports, preparing sponsor required financial reports, collecting funds from sponsors, handling of all final close-out documents, initiating subcontract payments, and serving as the point of contact for audit issues related to sponsored programs.

Administrative Units

All research must be carried out within a department or other administrative unit of the university, or through the cooperation of several departments or administrative units by or under the direction of a member of the faculty or comparable professional employee who has been delegated Principal Investigator (PI) status.