Textbooks and Course Materials

Effective: Moved to Policy Library from University Policy Manual (UPM) 12.9(4)
Reviewed and Updated: May 2016
Contact: University Book Store (UBS)


Students depend on the Iowa State University Book Store (UBS), located in the Memorial Union, as their main source for textbooks, course materials, supplies, and information about classes. By working closely with faculty and designated department coordinators, UBS strives to ensure all necessary course materials and supplies are ordered and in stock before classes begin.

Policy Statement

The Iowa State University Book Store is the central collection point for course materials adopted for use in classroom instruction. UBS is responsible for maintaining compliance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA). The HEOA requires that titles, ISBNs, and retail pricing of faculty-chosen course materials be published for students' review prior to course registration.

Faculty/department coordinators must supply all information pertaining to textbooks, course materials, course packets and supplies that are required or recommended for student classes to the UBS by the designated deadlines each semester (see Resources below).

UBS will negotiate with publishers all transactions and special arrangements regarding course materials. Contracts with publishing companies and vendors (i.e. digital learning content, e-books) must be established through Procurement Services to protect student information and Iowa State University.

Course packet requests that contain copyrighted material must receive copyright reprint permission. UBS will facilitate and finance the permission requests with the rights holders prior to making the material available for sale to students. Reproducing, selling, and digitally posting intellectual property without the necessary advance permissions could make faculty and/or the university liable and subject to legal action.