Travel - Airfare

Effective: Moved to Policy Library from UPM 8.2(1)
Contact: Controller's Department


This policy covers the purchase of air tickets, whether through a university contracted travel agency or other sources.

Policy Statement

University travelers may order air tickets from one of the contracted agencies by using an Air Ticket Requisition. No comparative quotes between contracted agencies are required.

Travelers are allowed to order air tickets through Internet sites by using either their personal credit cards or the American Express corporate card. Although significant savings sometimes can be realized through Internet sites, travelers need to be aware of the site's policies regarding ticket exchanges, refunds and transfers before making a purchase. Travel advances will not be made to facilitate ticket purchases. Reimbursement must wait until the conclusion of the trip.

Payments by Disbursement Voucher can be made directly to non-contracted agencies for "consolidator" tickets. Only agencies whose primary business is "consolidator" tickets may be used. A comparative quote from a contracted agency is not required.

The least expensive class, generally economy or coach, should be used for all air travel. The traveler may not indicate a preferred carrier in order to accumulate frequent flier miles.

Travelers using federal funds also need to use a U.S. flag carrier, as provided in the Fly America Act (see Resources below).