Workforce Reorganization - P&S

Effective: Policy moved to Policy Library from P&S Handbook
Updated/Revised: December 1, 2013
Reviewed and Updated: August 9, 2016
Contact: University Human Resources (UHR)


This policy pertains to employees in the Iowa State University professional and scientific (P&S) classification.

Policy Statement

Workforce reorganization is defined as a restructuring of a university function based on careful analysis of the workforce needs and financial resources. Reorganizations are done in response to reductions in work, the need to improve efficiencies, and to address budget reductions. Since reorganization impacts positions, departments are required to contact university human resources (UHR) when they have identified a need that may result in reorganization.

Reorganization Plan, Approval, and Timing

A written reorganization plan is required when the restructuring involves position elimination or position realignment, and the addition of positions. In consultation with UHR, a reorganization plan form will be provided. A reorganization plan is not required to effect a change in supervisory relationship, for the elimination of vacant positions, or the mere transfer of a unit or subunit that does not result in reclassification or loss of filled positions.

Following the development of the reorganization plan, the department will seek approval of the plan from the respective dean, director, or vice president, and the respective senior vice president or the president (or his/her designee). UHR shall review the approved plan to assure policy compliance and will work with the department to implement the final plan.

When reorganization involves position elimination or reduction, written notification to affected employees shall be made with a minimum notice period of 90 calendar days. If a P&S employee is dismissed due to reorganization, the dismissed employee's position shall not be filled by replacement within a period of two years unless the dismissed employee has been offered the position and has declined or has failed to reply to the offer in writing within fifteen (15) calendar days after confirmed receipt of such offer.

University Assistance

The university shall assist employees dismissed or those for whom the position has been reduced due to reorganization as follows:

  • The employing unit shall advise the employee to contact UHR to obtain assistance.
  • For a period of six months from the date of notice, if an employee requests consideration for and is qualified for an Iowa State University P&S vacancy, the employee will be assured of an interview for the position. In the event that the dismissed employee is not selected for the position, the employing unit must obtain approval of the vice president for university human resources (VP-UHR) before making an offer to another candidate.
  • The employing unit shall provide outplacement services to the staff member dismissed under this policy, if requested.
  • An employee reinstated within one calendar year under the provisions of this policy shall regain previously held length of service and accumulated sick leave, and shall be employed at no less than his/her former salary. (Any exceptions due to insufficient funding must be reviewed by the VP-UHR or his/her designee in consultation with the respective senior vice president or the president.)
  • Staff dismissed under this policy are eligible to apply for unemployment compensation. The university will not protest an unemployment claim for an employee dismissed or reduced under this policy.


An employee dismissed under this policy shall have the right to appeal the decision, asserting a violation of policy or procedure. Within ten (10) working days of the receipt of notification of dismissal, the employee shall submit a letter to the VP-UHR appealing the dismissal decision and providing a rationale for the appeal. A reorganization decision will be upheld if the unit provides bona fide reasons for reorganization and the elements of the reorganization are rationally related to the purposes of the reorganization. The VP-UHR or his/her designee shall provide a written response to the appeal within ten (10) working days.

If the employee believes the dismissal decision was due to discrimination, the employee may utilize the complaint procedures as defined in the discrimination and harassment policy.