Undergraduate Student-Employee Grievances

Effective: 1997
Updated/Revised: March 1, 2018
Contact:  University Human Resources (UHR) Employee Management


This policy outlines steps that student-employees can take to file employment-related grievances.

Policy Statement

Undergraduate student-employees are at-will and serve at the pleasure of the administration and may have the conditions of their employment modified or terminated for reasons other than cause.  It is Iowa State University's policy that all campus employers will treat undergraduate student employees fairly within the terms of their employment.

Undergraduate student-employees have the right to appeal any action which they believe has been unfairly taken, by filing the Undergraduate Student-Employee Grievance Form (see Resources below).

Undergraduate student-employees may not be terminated in retaliation for reporting misconduct.

All undergraduate student-employees are encouraged to discuss concerns with their immediate supervisor prior to filing a grievance.

The Undergraduate Student-Employee Grievance Procedure (see Resources below) does not apply to claims of discrimination or harassment.  For those types of claims, please see the related policies linked below.

The Undergraduate Student-Employee Grievance Procedure does not apply to issues related to general wage adjustment.